Planet Fitness
Planet Fitness
1121 Maryland Ave
HagerstownMD 21740
 (301) 733-0777

Reviews Of Planet Fitness

4.68 759 Reviews
Lori williams
Jun 24, 2017

The massage table and chair is excellent. Cheaper than a massage therapist. And I am one!

nicole Gardner
Jun 20, 2017

Jared Ford
Jun 18, 2017

Aaron Smith
Jun 16, 2017

Great friendly place. Staff is great. Equipment in good shape. Only negative I've seen is some people fail to clean the equipment after use, which to me is nasty.

Justin DaCosta
Jun 16, 2017

Good for a Planet Fitness, with they had power racks, proper benches and a deadlift platform, but I guess its all gone in the name of no "gym-timidation" i.e. the fear that someone else might look better than you.

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